The Ancient Art of

Buon Fresco

Buon Fresco is a painting technique that originated in antiquity. It was used throughout the Mediterranean and was made famous by Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel. 

The basic ingredients of a fresco are lime, sand and a dozen earth colors painted directly onto a freshly laid area of plaster or “giornata”as it is commonly referred to in fresco painting. This gives the fresco its longevity and beautiful appearance. 

The Fresco Artists

Mark Balma

Principal Fresco Artist, teacher, USA , Italy

Nida Azeemi

Artist, teacher, Pakistan

Jessie Fisher

Artist, Professor of Painting, Kansas City Art Institute, USA

Allyson Loisel Ringate

Artist, President of 61 Foundation, USA

Erin Sayer

Artist, Muralist, USA

Lucia Tosti

Artist, Muralist, Italy

Fresco creation

CBS Sunday Morning. Mark Balma and assistants create two major frescoes in Italy and the US.

Mark Balma TPT Public Television

This made for public television documentary highlights the work of Mark Balma and art of Buon Fresco.