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Art and beauty are two forms of communication that the humans have always used. I believe these new frescoes have a unique potential to bring a message of love, peace, joy and fullness to this and future generations. They will give beauty and a sense of completion that this building has never seen and new life to a church that was in desperate need of repair and love.

In the time of confusion in which we live, when old values seemed to have disappeared, we find ourselves in need of knowing more fully God’s will for our lives. We propose this study of biblical women as an attempt to reveal further the will of God for his Church.

Our prayer is that the images of Sara and Hagar with Abraham, will allow us to believe that an inter-religious dialogue is possible between these three religions, the Hebrews, the Christians and the Muslims. Sara and Hagar with Abraham, who were generated from this common tradition.

We offer these new frescoes to humanity as a prayer for our time: New life is possible! Life comes into this world having been born and gestated in the womb of a woman. We pray that these women may allow humanity to know new life and a fullness of peace for our time and for the future.

Don Giovanni Pastor Immaculate Conception Church Terni, Italy

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